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Upcoming Games

    Saturday Dec. 15th

  • Arawaks-12 Vs. Caribs-2
  • Tainos-8 Vs. Lucayans-3

  • Sunday Dec. 16th

  • Caribs vs. Lucayans

Game Schedules

Here you'll find the schedules for the 2018 season. They are divided by division. Enter each division to see its complete schedule for the year. If you have any questions please Contact Us.

Jamboree Game Rules and schedule Here

Freedom Farm Games

T-Ball Field
Saturday Mar. 10th @ 10:00am Sea Grapes-24 vs. Jujus-5
Saturday Mar. 10th @ 12:00pm Dillies-22 vs. Tamarinds-20
Saturday Mar. 10th @ 2:00pm Coco Plums-23 vs. Guineps-4
Sunday Mar. 11th @ 3:30pm Jujus vs. Sea Grapes

Freedom Farm Games

Field 1
Friday Mar. 9th @ 6:00pm Boas-3 vs. Scorpions-13
Friday Mar. 9th @ 8:00pm Red Ants-19 vs. Wasps-11
Saturday Mar. 10th @ 9:00am Desert Roses-4 vs. Shepherd Needles-11
Saturday Mar. 10th @ 11:00am Boas-3 vs. Termites-7
Saturday Mar. 10th @ 1:15pm Bees-0 vs. Scorpions-15
Saturday Mar. 10th @ 3:15pm Red Ants-16 vs. Grasshoppers-0
Saturday Mar. 10th @ 5:30pm Mosquitoes-2 vs. Wasps-12
Sunday Mar.11th @ 3:00pm Periwinkles vs. Tiger Lilies
Sunday Mar. 11th @ 5:00pm Lignum Vitae vs. Poison Ivy

Freedom Farm Games

Field 2
Friday Mar. 9th @ 6:00pm Barracudas-29 vs. Wahoos-10
Friday Mar. 9th @ 8:00pm Blue Marlins-19 vs. Dolphins-7
Saturday Mar. 10th @ 9:00am Green Parrots-2 vs. Wild Dogs-4
Saturday Mar. 10th @ 11:00am White Crowns-10 vs. Conchs-4
Saturday Mar. 10th @ 1:15pm Lion Fish-9 vs. Turbots-14
Saturday Mar. 10th @ 3:15pm Barracudas-0 vs. Octopus-10
Saturday Mar. 10th @ 5:30pm Blue Marlins-3 vs. Groupers-2
Sunday Mar. 11th @ 3:00pm Rattlers vs. Hurricanes
Sunday Mar. 11th @ 5:00pm Wild Dogs vs. Conchs
Monday Mar. 12th @ 6:15pm Octopus vs. Turbots
Tuesday Mar. 13th @ 6:15pm Lion Fish vs. Blue Marlins
Wednesday Mar. 14th @ 6:15pm Groupers vs. Barracudas
Thursday Mar. 15th @ 6:15pm Dolphins vs. Wahoos

Freedom Farm Games

Field 3
Saturday Mar. 10th @ 10:00am Stingrays-7 vs. Raccoons-3
Saturday Mar. 10th @ 12:30pm Potcakes-3 vs. Sharks-5
Saturday Mar. 10th @ 3:00pm Tainos vs. Arawaks
Sunday Mar. 11th @ 2:00pm Raccoons vs. Silver Jacks
Sunday Mar. 11th @ 4:30pm Arawaks vs. Caribs

Freedom Farm Games

Travel Team Field



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