Current Standings

  • < Senior Open Division >

  • ** Tainos **
  • ** Arawaks **
  • ** Lucayanss **
  • ** Caribs **

Upcoming Games

    Saturday Dec. 15th

  • Arawaks-12 Vs. Caribs-2
  • Tainos-8 Vs. Lucayans-3

  • Sunday Dec. 16th

  • Caribs vs. Lucayans

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The Teams & Players

Here you'll find a listing of the players and the teams they play for at Freedom Farm. We have the players listed by Division.

Division Teams

Here at Freedom Farm we divide our teams into divisions. Each division has it's own set of teams that compete against each other to be the leaders in their division. In the "Our Divisions" box above you can choose an option to see the teams in the selected Divisions.

Recent Games


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